„Mare Nostrum? Economy and Communication in the Baltic Sea Region“

Seminar for young leaders from the EU Baltic Sea countries by invitation of the Federal Foreign Office and in cooperation with Forschungsgruppe Nordeuropäische Politik e.V.

European Academy Berlin, 30 October – 3 November 2006

In autumn 2006 the German Federal Foreign Office had invited to a seminar for young leaders from the Baltic Sea Region in order to discuss the actual status of Baltic Sea cooperation on the eve of the German EU presidency. Experts on regional and European policies from all EU member states from the region, except for Sweden, participated in the seminar. Most of them were researchers, journalists, politicians and government officials. The main topics had been the general importance of Baltic Sea cooperation, the suitability of its institutional framework and Germany’s contribution to the formation of cooperation patterns. Furthermore a number of policy issues with particular relevance for the region – i.e. energy, infrastructure and economy – were brought into focus. Finally the participants had good opportunities to become familiar with the central objectives of the German EU presidency.

Programme: [pdf]

Documentation: [pdf]