Ostseegespräch 14.6.16: Crisis or renaissance? The current state of Nordic cooperation

Recent news reflect a mixed image of the state of Nordic cooperation. On the one hand, the Nordic leaders appear to cooperate more closely than ever, for example by joining each other in meetings with world leaders such as President Obama. On the other hand, there is an evident lack of coordination and communication between Nordic politicians, which for example has resulted in the historical introduction of ID-controls at the Öresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden.
What is the current state of Nordic cooperation, and where is the region heading in the near future? Johan Strang will first give an introduction on which Tobias Etzold will comment from a German perspective before entering a discussion with each other and the audience.

Johan Strang is Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Nordic Studies at the University of Helsinki and editor of the book Nordic cooperation: A European region in transition (Routledge 2016) to which Tobias Etzold , Chairman of FOR:N and Researcher at the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, also contributed.

Die Veranstaltung findet in englischer Sprache statt.

mit Johan Strang and Tobias Etzold

am 14. Juni 2016, 19:45 Uhr s.t.

Dorotheenstr. 24, Haus 3, Raum 3.231 „Henrik Steffens“

U + S Bhf. Friedrichstraße
Bus 100 + 200 Staatsoper
Tram M1 + 12 Am Kupfergraben

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