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Forschungsgruppe Nordeuropäische Politik e.V.
Research Group for Northern European Politics
The Network

Why are Denmark and Sweden not introducing the Euro? What position shall the Baltic Sea Region achieve within the enlarged EU? - These are just two examples of a broad variety of political issues unfolding in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea Region.

The Research Group for Northern European Politics FOR:N is an association of social scientists and researchers with a special interest in current issues and long-term developments in the Baltic Sea Region. Our aim is to gather expertise in the areas of politics, economy and society in Northern and North-Eastern Europe and to make it accessible to a broader public.

This makes FOR:N a unique institution in Germany. It is affiliated to the Humboldt University in Berlin and integrated in the relevant national and international academic networks. Thanks to its excellent contacts with all countries in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond, FOR:N is able to grasp current debates and underlying problems of the region and to assess their significance for Germany and Europe.

FOR:N organises conferences, provides analysis and surveys of current occurences and offers its broad knowledge about the region to relevant media. FOR:N also hosts a jour fixe, called Ostseegespräche, every second Tuesday a month with the aim of providing a forum for discussion of topical developments throughout the region.

If you would like to learn more about FOR:N, please do not hesitate to contact us: vorstand[at]for-n[dot]de